More information on CCSBT

Southern Bluefin Tuna have a single spawning ground and are consequently considered to be a single stock. Since SBT migrate over vast distances and multiple countries fish for SBT, management of stock needs to be at an international level. This management is performed by the Commission for the Conservation of Southern Bluefin Tuna (CCSBT).


CCSBT’s objective is to ensure, through appropriate management, the conservation and optimum utilisation of the global SBT Fishery. In pursuit of this objective, the CCSBT:

  • Is responsible for setting a global TAC and methods for allocation among the members;
  • Considers regulatory measures to meet the Convention objectives;
  • Coordinates a Scientific Research Program (SRP) aimed at providing information to support the CCSBT’s management objectives (the program is a mixture of member managed activities, and activities managed directly by the CCSBT Secretariat);
  • Makes decisions to support and implement fishery management;
  • Provides a forum for the discussion of issues relevant to the conservation objectives of the Convention;
  • Acts as a coordination mechanism for members’ activities in relation to the SBT Fishery;
  • Fosters activities directed towards the conservation of ecologically related species (living marine species which are associated with the SBT Fishery) and bycatch species;
  • Encourages non-members engaged in the fishery to join or participate as observers in Commission activities; and
  • Cooperates and liaises with other Regional Tuna Fishery Management Organisations in areas of mutual interest.