Moving Cages Further Offshore: Effects on SBT, Parasites, Health and Performance

The effects of offshore aquaculture on Southern Bluefin Tuna (SBT) health and performance were the main aim of this study. Two groups of ranched/farmed SBT were monitored throughout the commercial season, one maintained in the traditional near shore tuna farming zone and one maintained further offshore. SBT maintained offshore had reduced mortality, increased condition index (weight to length ratio) at week 6 post transfer and reduced blood fluke and sea lice loads.


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  • Author Kirchoff, N. T., Rough, K. M., Nowak, B. F.
  • Publish Date May 28, 2019
  • Journal Reference Kirchoff, N. T., Rough, K. M., Nowak, B. F., 2011, 'Moving cages further offshore: effects on southern bluefin tuna, T. maccoyii, parasites, health and performance', PLoS ONE: e23705.
  • Source