Southern Bluefin Tuna Products

Eyre Peninsula’s Southern Bluefin Tuna (SBT) is renowned worldwide as a premium product on the Japanese sashimi market. It provides an amazing culinary experience and is celebrated by seafood lovers for its flavour and texture.

The Port Lincoln fishing community pioneered the global practice of tuna ranching and is a world leader in this area. Innovation and research into capture and ranching technology over the past 20 years has resulted in a high grade product.

SBT Sashimi



Minami-Sodachi is a generic brand of Southern Bluefin Tuna farmed in southern of Australia, where the waters are known to be among the cleanest in the world.  This brand name and logo created in 2009 by ASBTIA is the symbol of Australian Southern Bluefin Tuna’s quality and is used for all the association’s communications activities for the trade and consumers in Japan.

Minami-Sodachi logoMinami-sodachi product

Minami-Sodachi logo (Japanese)

ASBTIA’s role is to actively communicate to the trade in Japan, spreading knowledge of Australian Southern Bluefin Tuna, educating users on proper handling and preparation, and supporting the marketing efforts of our partners. ABSTIA also communicates directly to the Japanese consumer, promoting Australian Southern Bluefin Tuna under the Minami Sodachi brand with retail promotion and consumer education activities. Visit Minami-Sodachi website.


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