TEST Jobs and Careers

The Australian ranched tuna industry is a dynamic industry, involving a variety of jobs requiring different levels of experience and skills. Full time long-term opportunities exist for those wishing to pursue a career in this innovative and exiting area of aquaculture. Seasonal work is available between February and August.

Education and Training Opportunities

Education and training can be undertaken through accredited training organisations such as TAFE SA or the Australian Maritime and Fisheries Academy. Download a report that explains careers pathways, training and jobs available in the tuna industry – 2009:302 Linking careers, research and training. Or, click on the icons below to find out more about working in the tuna industry!

Fishing and Farming

Dive Supervisor

Farm Manager

Commercial Diver

Marine Engineer




Human Resources and Administration

Financial Controller

Administration Officer / Receptionist


Truck Driver

Process Supervisor

Leading Hand

Process Worker