Drilling in the Great Australian Bight

Here at ASBTIA we are adamantly opposed drilling in the Great Australian Bight. For some reasons why visit this page. Below are some links to videos where members of ASBTIA voice their opposition to Equinor’s plans to drill in local waters.


  • ASBTIA executive officer Brian Jeferriess speaks against drilling in the Great Australian Bight: click here
  • ASBTIA researcher Claire Webber speaks to channel 7 new: click here
  • The seafood and tourism industry protest against drilling in the Great Australian Bight: click here



Media articles referring to drilling in the Great Australian Bight  

Drilling for oil in the Great Australian Bight would be disastrous for marine life and the local community

Australia’s ‘other’ reef is worth more than $10 billion a year – but have you heard of it?

Major oil spill off Australia’s coast would dwarf Deepwater Horizon disaster, documents show

‘Catastrophe’: Bight oil spill could reach NSW coast, leaked report shows

Oil spills in Great Australian Bight could reach Sydney’s beaches, planning document shows

Port Lincoln City Council becomes 13th council to oppose oil exploration in Great Australian Bight

Fears plans to drill for oil threaten future of The Great Australian Bight


Media articles on previous oil spills

A 14-year-long oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico verges on becoming one of the worst in U.S. history

Collapsed Gulf oil platform has been leaking since 2004, investigation finds

Secrecy Shrouds Decade-Old Gulf of Mexico Spill

The Taylor Spill: Oil Still Pouring Into the Gulf, 14 Years Later

Expert: 14-year Oil Leak ‘Searing Indictment’ of Idea of Federal Oversight

  • Publish Date March 29, 2019
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