Strict Monitoring of Individual Tuna

The CCSBT has very strict monitoring rules which mean that every individual Southern Bluefin Tuna has its own unique tag and number which allow the fished to be tracked from catching to market (see CCSBT website). This means that there is no threat to the stock from illegal catch.

Individual Monitoring of Southern Bluefin TunaIt is correct that some organisations still have not changed their classification of Southern Bluefin Tuna as still subject to overfishing, and therefore possibly not sustainable. This delay is because the major CCSBT scientific decisions are relatively recent. The first review by these organisations was in December 2012 – and it concluded that the Southern Bluefin Tuna catch was now sustainable.

There was no criticism of the decisions of the CCSBT Scientific Committee by the ENGO’s which track the status of SBT. These ENGO’s include HSI, WWF and TRAFFIC. These ENGO’s and the Australian industry want to be very cautious – but we also agree that the scientific recommendations must be respected.

More Facts About Southern Bluefin Tuna Sustainability

FAQs About SBT Sustainability